What’s New on Kino Film Collection in June 2024

June 1, 2024
What’s New on Kino Film Collection in June 2024

In honor of Pride Month, Kino Film Collection is highlighting our library's robust collection of LGBTQ+ stories! Stream dozens of documentaries, indies, and classics from around the world, all while exploring the rich diversity of the queer experience.

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Premiering on June 6


Simon Amstell, UK, 2020
A charmingly offbeat gay romantic comedy about a mess-of-a-filmmaker juggling the anxieties and excitement of his upcoming film premiere with the fear and awkwardness of a burgeoning romance. Written and directed by British comedian Simon Amstell who peppers this charming, laugh-out-loud funny tale with hilariously deadpan one-liners and a scene-stealing cast of supporting characters.


Private Desert
Aly Muritiba, Brazil, 2022
When his genderfluid internet girlfriend Sara goes missing, suspended police academy instructor Daniel drives 2,000 miles across Brazil to look for her. What follows is a journey of the heart and a triumphant affirmation of queer love and humanity. Venice Film Festival award winner Private Desert is a swooning sun-baked romance and a powerful examination of masculinity.

Premiering on June 13


Skin Deep
Alex Schaad, Germany, 2024
Winner of the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Skin Deep subverts genre and gender as it flows between body swap thriller and intimate relationship drama. While on a retreat to try to salvage their relationship, Leyla and Tristan join another couple in a ritual to exchange bodies. What emerges is a story that embraces the endless fluid possibilities of what it means to truly love someone.


Marc Levin, USA, 1998
Winner of a Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and a Caméra d'Or for Best First Feature at Cannes, Slam stars Saul Williams as a young Black performance poet who is imprisoned for a petty marijuana charge. In jail, he meets a gang leader and a writing teacher (Sonja Sohn) who inspires him to use creative expression to fight for his freedom and avoid becoming a victim of the racist criminal justice system.

Premiering on June 20


Born to Be
Tania Cypriano, USA, 2020
With extraordinary access, Born to Be offers an intimate look at the pioneering work of Dr. Jess Ting (he/him) at the groundbreaking Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. There, for the first time ever in New York City, transgender and gender non-binary people have access to quality gender-affirming care. 


Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia/Italy, 1984
In Andrei Tarkovsky’s first film made outside of the USSR, a Russian intellectual conducting research in Italy becomes overwhelmed by a melancholic longing for home. Winner of three awards at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival, his late masterpiece is a mystical and mysterious collision of East and West, shot with the tactile beauty that only Tarkovsky can provide. New restoration!

Premiering on June 27


Back to the Wall
Édouard Molinaro, France, 1959
Screen legend Jeanne Moreau stars in this twisty, mood-drenched film noir from acclaimed crime writer Frédéric Dard. When a wealthy industrialist discovers that his wife (Moreau) is having an affair with a young actor, he decides to exact revenge by blackmailing her under an assumed identity in director Édouard Molinaro’s stylish tour de force.


Household Saints
Nancy Savoca, USA, 1993
Nancy Savoca’s star-studded indie gem is a chronicle of a spirited Italian-American New York family that perfectly balances humor, tragedy, and pathos. Executive produced by Jonathan Demme and featuring memorable performances from Vincent D’Onofrio, Tracey Ullman, Lili Taylor, and Michael Imperioli, Household Saints showcases a unique voice in 1990s independent filmmaking.